What does Monsanto do? All I know is what other people are saying: via documentaries on Netflix and what the political pundits say.

from Josh H.

from Josh H.

Thanks for asking, Josh.

Monsanto does many things in support of our mission of providing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our world. We primarily produce seeds for fruits, vegetables, and key agricultural crops – such as corn, soybeans, and cotton – that help 亚搏在哪下载 have better, sustainable harvests. As the earth’s population continues to grow, we need solutions that help ensure food supply while protecting natural resources.

We are focused on helping 亚搏在哪下载 have a smaller impact on the environment while growing enough food, feed, and fiber for the world. Through scientific and technological innovations, we find sustainable solutions to enhance soil health, use data to improve farming practices and conserve natural resources, and provide 188博金宝网页 products to minimize damage from pests and disease.

At the Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center, we study water utilization in the Great Plains environment by using a three-pronged, systems-based approach. Our efforts help 亚搏在哪下载 manage drought through traditional plant breeding, biotech traits, and the implementation of agronomic practices in the field. This is only one of our many learning centers around the world, including our state-of-the-art research facility in Chesterfield,

Through Climate FieldView, we’re helping 亚搏在哪下载 keep track of their crops and the resources they’re using by providing a single application that seamlessly collects, stores, and visualizes critical field data. This tool allows 亚搏在哪下载 to monitor and measure the impact of their agronomic decisions.

We believe bringing diverse perspectives to the table is the most effective way to develop creative solutions. In addition to working with start-ups, we collaborate with 亚搏在哪下载, researchers, nonprofit organizations, universities and others to help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. A few of the organizations we work with include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Conservation International, The Howard G. Buffet Foundation,
Clinton Global Initiative, Farmers for Monarchs, Soil Health Partnership, and many more.

By sharing our research and data with innovative agriculture technology start-ups, we’re helping 亚搏在哪下载 use data and technology to make their decisions acre by acre in a more holistic and interconnected way. Partnerships with companies like PairWiseVital
, and HydroBio are great examples of working together to enhance the tools 亚搏在哪下载 need to make a multitude of decisions each season.

In short, at Monsanto, we provide 亚搏在哪下载 with seeds and 188博金宝网页 products, as well as data, tools, agronomic research, and much more to help improve their harvests while using natural resources in a sustainable way to both protect the environment and increase food security around the world.

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